ISO 22000:2005 QMS


We realize that we have a responsibility to manage the safety of the products, the well-being of our consumers and adhere to the
latest world standards to get our state and country to manufacturing best quality products.

The reality is that we are situated in one of the poorest regions, with low levels of literacy and hence we have taken up the ISO 22000
certification very seriously. We are happy to announce that we have been certified by Intertek, one of the leaders in Quality

We are regularly holding training programs for all our workers and are committed to achieving high standards of Quality and Food
Safety Management System.

To instil the quotient of quality in our work culture, we have just inaugurated our 700 sft lab, graduating from a 50 sft older one. The
lab is named AMRAPALI QUALITY CONTROL AND RESEARCH LAB, and is being run under the guidance of Dr. Virendra Singh.


To instil the importance of Quality and Hygienic manufacturing in all the workers.

To ensure that all our processes and products meet that ISO 22000 standards, through document control.

To develop new products through research and development as per changing times.

To train and teach at least 20 youngsters / entrepreneurs to improve their capability through skill development programs.

To train the self help groups and JIVIKA women for making and processing Pickles, Jams, Tomato purees so that they may increase their

At every step, we will be dedicated to improving the quality of our produce, of our lives and the lives of all people in our Society


In 5 years, we aim to be a self sufficient laboratory, researching with innovation and ingenuity, so that we may play a vital role in the
development of minimum one product per year that can enhance the immunity and general health of the society.